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Work less on programming sets, reps, and exercises and more on shaping environments and experiences for those you serve.

We use unique, custom-built tools to give coaches an edge

In a world selling one-size-fits-all tools for the finite game of quick results, we developed The IDEAS Training Suite and Academy to help coaches navigate their own unique path to success in the infinite game of life.

To maximize the benefits of Systems-Based Training we would like to introduce the IDEAS Training Suite, a web-app based, done-with-you service, utilizing the full power of the Google Suite to help coaches manage their Training System in one location. The IDEAS Training Suite is to performance coaches what graphic design software is to marketing agencies and artists.

To best serve the coaching community we have founded the IDEAS Training Academy an onsite and online education platform. Through the IDEAS Training Academy we will introduce the concepts of Systems-Based Training in onsite workshops as well as online webinars and course content. 

In addition to these events, each month we will host community challenges and provide innovative learning experiences so you can go at your own pace and stay connected with a community of like minded coaches free of charge.

The Systems-Based Coaching service will be available soon. For the schools or teams who are looking for a competitive advantage but are without a full time Strength and Conditioning Coach, you no longer have to try and figure things out on your own or be stuck in the past.

If you are a sport coach or administrator who would prefer to build their system around their own environment instead of a cookie cutter rigid program philosophy this service is exactly what you have been waiting for.

Not every system is the same and some coaches are just one or two steps away from automating their Training System. JTS exists to provide online consultations to the coaches who are close to their ideal Training System but are looking for a second opinion, sounding board, and or outside perspective the help bridge the gap.




If we do not have the tools you need already, we can custom build them for you,


Your system is a representation of who you are as a coach, we help streamline and visualize your ideas.

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Our services are for coaches of all kinds whether you work in High School or Collegiate S&C, the Private Sector,
Professional Level, or the Tactical Space we build systems for any coach who wants to think less, do more, and take back control over their time.

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Join us for the first ever Systems-Based Training Workshop in Denver, Colorado


November 16th 2019


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Most frequent questions and answers

We define a Training System as an integrated set of components inserted into a process designed to produce, progress, and predict exercise and assessment decisions. 

The primary objective of the IDEAS Training Suite is to automate the most tedious components of the day to day responsibilities required to manage data, individualize training programs, and produce performance evaluations…without having to spend hours collecting, decoding, and delivering the information in a way those you serve will clearly understand and value.​

The IDEAS Training Suite is broken down into four services. Each service can be purchased individually or combined into packages to save money upfront.

The IDEAS Training Suite is broken down into four services:

  1. The Process Planning Program: A course framework dedicated to creating your systems structure.
  2. Program Design System: A Web-app designed to automate the programming process.
  3. Performance Evaluation System: A Web-app streamlining the process of data management.
  4. Team Competition System: A Web-app incentivizing internal competition within your system.

Each service can be purchased individually or combined into packages.

When you operate with the IDEAS Training Suite, you gain what we consider the modern-day secret weapon in coaching: Self-Awareness.

Know exactly what has worked, where you are today, and possess a prediction model of future possibilities, all within a few simple clicks.

Step 1: Purchasing Process

An invoice will be sent to your email of choice. This invoice can be completed via your personal PayPal account, credit card, or a check can made out to James Training Systems LLC and mailed to the address at the bottom of this document. 

Step 2: On-Boarding Process

Once payment is completed you will be emailed a link to the IDEAS Training Suite on-boarding packet. Inside this document you will receive the require forms, details on expectations, and terms of service agreement(s). Each form MUST be completed prior to the initial meeting. Please ensure all documentation has been attached according to the list of documents in the onboarding packet.

Step 3: The Developmental Process (3 Stage Process)

SUCCEED: The first task will be completing the fillable request form(s) used to create your Training System Base Kit and custom @ideastraining.systems google account. Your custom account comes with full benefits of the business level Google Suite and the additional security measures necessary to protect your Training System and proprietary information belonging to James Training Systems LLC.

ACHIEVE: From the moment you access your account, you will have 20 business days to complete all system inputs and up to 31 total days to request the allotted amount subsystems, elements, and components we will integrate into your Training Systems Structure. Weekly hour-long Zoom meetings are encouraged for questions and answers of your Training System. Any additional structural modifications beyond this window of time will require additional fees based on a predetermined hourly rate.

BELIEVE: Once we have developed your frameworks and workflows, we will begin the design process of any custom tools requested in the previous stages. Any glitches and or bugs will be ​

The services, systems, and products are proprietary in nature. Said products and services are provided exclusively to the individual or entity under a limited use license solely for the individual or entity use within the individual or entity.

Redistribution of the Contractor’s services and products, or any portion thereof or information therein, by any means and to any individual or entity (including but not limited to students, staff, family, friends, and other personnel outside of their capacities as employees of the individual or entity), regardless of purpose or reason, is strictly prohibited. 

Each individual who will have access to the @ideastraining.systems account will have to agree to our terms of services. 

If a coach transitions his or her place of employment, they are able transfer the Training System with written permission of the original purchaser and payment of an additional (but lower) transfer fee.

There is a one-time, up-front payment for the IDEAS Training Suite services and an additional annual fee for each @ideastraining.systems account.Each individual who will have access to the @ideastraining.systems account will have to agree to our terms of services.

Any attempt to tamper with, duplicate, or reverse engineer the Training System will cause the penalties detailed in our terms and agreements section

Your Training System can scale, grow, and be added onto overtime as it is a living document.

The options are endless as you are granted complete freedom to take your system in any direction you see fit.​

Full GSuite Account: $12/month per account, first-year is included into the developmental costs of your system.

We also offer ongoing support and consultation packages through the Systems-Based Training 1 on 1 sessions for additional training, system strategies, and tactical planning once your Training Systems has been finish. 

Coming in Q1 2020 will be the IDEAS Training Suite Infinite program where we will offer additional training and community forum.